We are currently recruiting for the position of Head of Primary Department – Cambridge Programme.

The main role of the Head of Primary Department is to provide strong academic leadership to an ever-growing team of teachers. The Head of Department is required to lead, manage and develop the department to ensure it achieves the highest possible standards of excellence in all its activities. They will be supported by the Cambridge Programme Director, the team of Academic Coordinators, the teachers in the Cambridge Primary Department, as well as by the School Board and School Management team.

The Head of Primary Department is required to exercise leadership, demonstrate vision, and empower others in order to deliver the agreed departmental strategy within the Cambridge programme. The ways by which the Head of Primary Department carries out their duties and the extent of delegation will depend on such factors as the size of the Department and the personal approach of the Head of Department.

The position starts in January 2021 (date is flexible, depending on the candidate’s availability). Minimal qualifications include a bachelor’s in Education and at least three years in a managerial position in an educational setting. The chosen candidate is expected to provide all necessary documentation for Work Visa and Residence in Vietnam.

ANS offers competitive salary, contingent on education and work experience. Due to current travel conditions, we are looking mainly for candidates who are already in Vietnam. 

Interested candidates should send their Vitae and letter of intention by December 15 to ANS Cambridge Programme Director, Dr. Cristina Artenie, at the following address: cristina@ans.edu.vn



Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Leadership and Management

1.1 be responsible and accountable for setting and advancing the academic strategy of the Department in line with the Cambridge Programme’s and the School’s strategic plans and direction

1.2 be an active member of the Cambridge Management team and contribute to the overall leadership and management of the Cambridge programme.

1.3 develop and sustain appropriate structures for management, consultation, decision-making and communication with Cambridge staff, parents and students, as well as with Vietnamese staff.

1.4 promote and represent the school both internally and externally


  1. Responsibility for Teaching and Students

2.1 ensure the best possible student experience through:

  • the fulfilment of the programme’s responsibilities concerning students in respect of their admission, instruction, progress and examination;
  • the availability of pastoral assistance, and
  • adherence to the regulations and procedures of the Cambridge Programme and of ANS.

2.2 refresh and develop the Cambridge programme in order to attract new students


  1. Staff Management

3.1 ensure that Cambridge policies and procedures are implemented

3.2 ensure that staff performance is managed appropriately and in a way that is consistent with the expectations of the programme, and that fair workload allocation processes are in place

3.3 ensure all staff have access to the necessary support to enable them to contribute fully and develop their skills and experience

3.4 engender a culture of excellence, co-operation and respect both within and beyond the department

3.5 make effective use of all staffing resources and seek opportunities for collaboration and joint working with others beyond the department (for example, with Admissions).


  1. Quality Assurance

4.1 ensure all activities are carried out to the highest possible standards and put in place the necessary evaluation and monitoring procedures to ensure both compliance and improvement: such procedures will include teaching, staff training, research and management of all resources

4.2 comply with auditing, quality assurance and risk management procedures both internal and external (Programme Director, Cambridge International)


Thank you for your interest in our school. Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.


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