At ANS, students enrolled in grades 9-12 grow into mature and responsible leaders. They perfect their autonomy and develop self-sufficiency along with leadership skills such as problem-solving, project management, and community involvement. ANS offers the Cambridge IGCSE program to students in grades 9 and 10 and A-level courses for students in grades 11-12. Core subjects include English, Math, Science, but also Business and Travel & Tourism. They also have the option of studying ICT, French and Entrepreneurship. Students enjoy a larger degree of flexibility and independence in choosing their classes and their extra-curricular activities, based on their talents, skills, and personal interests. They can choose between a STEM stream or a Social Sciences stream, and feel encouraged to work hard and do their best.

ANS Cambridge IGCSE and A-level programme:

  • unique program that can be tailored for each student
  • greater flexibility and autonomy for the students
  • excellent teachers, with advanced degrees and teaching experience
  • a dynamic learning environment
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