Academic counseling is a service available to all Cambridge students starting with grade 7. Our students are encouraged to start planning their future studies and to find the best way to achieve their life-goals from an early age. Knowing how to prepare for higher education, finding the course or degree that best fits their talents and interests is paramount. Our academic counseling service fulfills a much-needed role in the life and future success of our students.

At ANS, we firmly believe all students can get admission into a college or university and study in a program of their choice.

What we do:

  • Asses student strengths, talents and interests
  • Analyze student academic record and make recommendations
  • Suggest courses, activities to maximize learning opportunities
  • Provide information about possible post-secondary options
  • Work on a timeline, budget, scholarship applications
  • Assist with applications and related tasks such as essays or resumes
  • Follow up with colleges and universities
  • Work with partner schools to receive early admission