At ANS, students enroll in the world-renowned Cambridge programme to receive quality instruction from a team of experienced and dedicated teachers. The students use Cambridge textbooks and materials in a safe and modern environment, under the guidance of their teachers. The curriculum followed is provided by Cambridge and is built on several pillars: critical thinking, active inquiry and problem-solving.

We chose to deliver the Cambridge programme so that our students get to be on par with students from across the world and have the experience of the best international education available. Our Cambridge programme is available at all levels: primary, secondary and high school. Through this programme, our students have the opportunity to join a global community of Cambridge students and alumni and benefit from a network of colleagues everywhere in the world.

Where do we stand out? ANS has a unique open-doors policy that allows students to talk to their teachers whenever they want to simply by coming to their office, even if sometimes just for a chat. They have open access to a variety of services, including those of a well-being counselor and of a professional academic counselor.