ANS Vision

The Alfred Nobel School System (Alfred Nobel School – A.N.S) aims to become a pioneering educational environment – a school where students are equipped with a solid foundation through a harmonious, systematic, and inherent relationship between the Vietnamese Education program and the Cambridge International program.


Our mission is to train students to become a generation of leaders who are multilingual, knowledgeable to become global citizens, be conscious and responsible in society, and equipped with self-mastery and adaptability in the context of globalization in the 21st century.

Educational Philosophy

ANS pursues and practices modern educational methods that encourage the development of creative thinking, reasoning abilities, and autonomous and independent activities in students, focusing on developing life skills and formation in an environment that nurtures the best human qualities. Every ANS graduate will be an exemplary citizen, knowing how to deal with societal issues and the environment, respecting differences, caring for others, and contributing to the global community.

Core values